Does anyone think that limelight authors are kinder and less stuck up than Ink authors?

This is how problems start in the world-when people start judging a whole group based on the actions of a few.

Events where you judge a few people just because they did something bad or have this unlikable personality, & then you start attributing these bad things to everyone part of that group is a truly horrifying thing to do. Stuff like this has even lead to violence against certain people all because a label ends up getting attached to them.


:clap:t5: Well said

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THIS! //\

Exactly what I was thinking!

Also- all the ink authors I have met and left comments on their stories have been nothing but kind to me, and I think that ink authors and limelight authors are equally amazing.


don’t worry I didn’t say all just some because I follow a lot of authors online

Eek I am an INK author and I feel sort of sad to hear this! I know plenty of friendly INK and LL authors alike! I feel like this link between formats and the authors’ attitudes is mere coincidence rather than anything I guess.