Does anyone wanna be writing partners Anyone...?


Hi, My name is Halley and I am new to making stories and I’ve been on the forum for like a week and I’ve been meaning to be making my story but I don’t have enough motivation to do it and I would really love someone to talk to about these problems I’ve been going thru

If you would like to be writing partner comments something down below what I mean by a writing partner is you help me with my question and need and I will help you with your questions and needs


Asuna <3


YASS!! <3
You love that anime too?


I love anime !


Have you saw the new trailer for the new season?
Of SAO???
Oh and what is your favorite anime


i should not really be talking about anime when i’m trying to find a writing partner.


Lmao indeed.
What are you favorite genre ?


I would have to say Fantasy and sometimes romance. OH AND HORROR I LOVE THAT ONE TOO!!


That’s my girl !

I hate cliché. What do you think about that ?

Like popular mean girls wearing pink with high heels and everything