Does anyone wanna do an art bud with me? Pt. 2

So, my art shop hasn’t got many requests, and I’ve been getting more and more into art! And im quite impressed with my recent work. So, I wanna know if anyone wants to do an art bud with me. Kinda like an art trade. Where we pick a theme, then we have to do an edit for each other!

I have previously done this with @SkyM and I am currently doing one with @miss.keisha @TheParisLover

Lmk below or dm me :heart:

(Btw if you wanna see my examples, lmk. I was on my computer when I posted this)


I like to do a an art trade

Art or edited

I prefore art.

you can see my art here

Oooh ur goood! Did you wanna see my examples?

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yes please, and thanks


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They are pretty. do you only do ink?

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I can do one but only edited.:two_hearts:

i only do ink sorry. @line123462

and thats ok @Samantha79 i can always do u an art piece and you do me and edit if u want