Does anyone wanna join my writing group?


I know that I should probs put this in the creator’s corner so don’t go yelling at me for it!

I’m looking for people to join my group.

You can do art, code, outfits, write, promote, the list goes on.



Is it an Instagram account group or just on this thread? X


yea im wondering that too


It’s going to be an insta groupxx


I’m new to episode forums, but I got episode downpacked.


I would love to join…


Ok great


Me too girl


Do you have insta


i would like to join too but i think instagram is not the right place you cant copy/past your scripst to each other it has to by by e- mail or pm here i think.


Ok, what about google docs?


That could help too.




I want to help can you invite me to your google doc or is it too late.


no it’s not too late


ok my gmail is you can add me to the document


ok xx