Does Anyone Wanna Join Our Art Shop?

Hello! Me and My Friend @Cupcake01 have a art Shop Called Queens :crown: Lovely Art Shop, but since we can both get pretty busy, it’s hard for us to manage all on our own. Would anyone like to join our shop?

(She’s pretty advanced and I’m kinda an amuture that’s why I request my custom art from other art shops. Just btw for Owners/Members of other art shops who see this.

PM me if interested!

Our Art Shop:

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Just one example will do!

They’re awesome! I’ll add you to the thread! What all kind of art do you do?

You’re added!

I can also help but when I’m free you know if you are okay with that then
Here are my some of my art

I made a background too :yum: for a request

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Okay!! I’ll add it to your list!

That would cool. I also need a list of the types of art you do!

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I’d like to join- if I can, I’ve been doing a lot of art the past phew days and practicing and stuff. But I don’t have any examples on my phone, I’ll have to send them in the morning if thats ok

Totally ok if not- haha… yeah…

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It’s absolutely okay

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Do you need to know anything else other then my examples?


Just what kind of art you do so I can make forms for your requests on the art shop

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Art scenes
Character detail sheets
Splashes… (ehh yes but not so great)

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I would like to! hear are some of my examples



Overlays,covers, edits, splashes,and character detail sheets but I could not find those :purple_heart:

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Kk! I’ll add you when I get home. I don’t have access to my laptop at the moment. And it’s easier to do that on a laptop.

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