Does anyone want a cover or art scene? [FULL]

Hi! You saw the title!

I will only take about 2-3 people - and this is my one requirement:

There must be a male character OR there must be 2 characters

I want to practice drawing dudes and dynamic poses, so I will not be doing pfps at this time.

Some examples (of girls lol)

What to give me:

  • Screenshot of what the characters look like
  • Background
  • PICTURE of pose (I don’t want a description of it)

That’s it!

Since this is FREE I have the right to take my time, request changes, and/or reject requests

While you’re here, follow me on IG: @/liza.epsd


Can I request an art scene if possible?
Also let me know if the pose is too hard and I’ll find something easier

Would you need their outfit too?


Art scene please<3!!

You can do any background you want:)
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 7.38.01 PM
Screen Shot 2022-07-21 at 7.36.56 PM

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Hey! Your art is gorgeous. I’m not sure if your taking anymore. And I understand if you don’t accept, however thank you for your time :blob_hearts:







I’m not sure if you need the character outfit:


Thank you for your time :blob_turtle:

hiiii are you still open?

Are you still taking requests?

And yes outfits would be great as well :blob_sun:
Also which one of the two poses did you want??

You got it!!

@Nova.Writes @jr913 @TheLexi I’m not going to take any more atm since I already accepted three but I will let you guys know if I ever am!


Thanks anyway! Ur art is rlly nice :grin:

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Aww man :sob: That’s unfortunate but it’s okay I understand! Lemme know if you’re ever taking anymore requests tho!!

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If it’s possible the one where they’re facing forward

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Hi! Just wanted to clarify which character you wanted to be who in the pose? (between the blue and the red)?

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Hi!! I guess the blue for the guy and red for the girl:)!! You can honestly do what works though

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Of course!! I think that one would be better anyways :wink:

I’ll send you a sketch within the next few days

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Also in terms of dimensions, did you want the image to be horizontal (across multiple zones) or vertical (in one zone)

If you want vertical, I would have to flip it sideways so that they both fit

Can’t wait to see :two_hearts:. And thank you :relaxed:

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horizontal is fine!

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Good luck Lizaaaaa!!! Can’t wait to see the outcome to these :face_with_peeking_eye::white_heart:

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Of course, thank you for your time :blob_turtle: :blob_hearts:

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Hello! If possible this is my request.

These are the characters

And The background

OIP (9)

and the poses


If you want me to change it you can use this one instead


or this


Just tell me if you need some changes!

If u ever try to make one again i hope i can be picked:)

Hey are you still taking the requests?