Does anyone want a profile picture?



So, I’m pretty new to art, but I’d you would be nice enough to let me try and do a profile edit for you it would be appreciated!

Please read the rules before you request.


I don’t like it when people steal artists work without credit so please don’t do it to me.

Please don’t keep asking me when it’ll be done. I’ll try and get it done ASAP, but if I get a lot of requests it’ll take more time then usual.

The original background will either be white or black, but if you would like a certain background, please mention that in your character description.

Also, please let me know if you want anything extra, such as freckles

Here are a couple of examples :slightly_smiling_face:


image ![image|225x500](upload://2g7uOqx3XTf8KlOzlI


I would like one


I will send u a pic of one



I literally just made a post about this!


Okay! I will try and get your request done ASAP.


Is there any facial features you want me to add? Like freckles, piercings etc.?


Maybe make my character blush a little


Okay, I will try to get it done soon :slight_smile:


Here it is!

I apologize if you don’t like it.


I love it thank u :blush:


Hey! Could you create one for me with my limelight details?


Are you still taking requests? :heart: :blush: