Does anyone want any art done? Covers? Splashes? Art scenes? And other art stuff


I would love to help the community with getting requests done.

Here are some examples

Just say what you want and the details for it.


I love them. Amazing work! :wink:


Aww thank you :blush:Would you like anything? :two_hearts::two_hearts:


No, sorry. I just wanted to say how amazing they are. :wink:


Aww ok thanks and have a nice day :two_hearts::two_hearts:


You too :grin:


Wow you’re really talented!


Thank you you’re so kind :two_hearts::two_hearts: I’ve seen you’re work and yours is amazing as well :two_hearts::two_hearts:


Hiii! I was wondering if u could do a splash done for me? Can the background have a sunset and in the middle the words Meanwhile… @Helpieme


Ok sure :ok_hand:


tysm! @Helpieme


Could I get something done in this style? I need a cover/intro image and a banner if that’s not too much. The story is called The Misadventures of Cassidy Barnes. The main character is customizable so I was thinking just a dramatic image of a teen girl with a cute backdrop, have fun with it? Thank you so much and sorry if this is too much @Helpieme