Does anyone want art scenes or covers?( closed)


I do edits for free
Instagram: @mafi.editz


Can you show me some examples of your work, please?





These are really good! I might request one soon, if that’s okay.


Of course


Moved to Resources section as that’s where art requests/exchanges live! :v:t2:


Hey, would you be able to create a small and large cover for me please?! Your work looks amazing!


Hi right now I have 3 to make but if you still want them when I’m finished I’ll do it


Hi, when you have time I would like to make a request too :slight_smile:


Yes, how long does it usually take to create??


About one or two days


Sure :blush:


Are you still do cover edits? Can you do for me, please? Thank you xoxo


Hi I can do it but you will have to wait like 3 day if it’s ok :blush:


Yes, thank you, it’s perfect. I’ll just send you Instagram DM with details. :slight_smile: xoxox


Ok thx


I need someone to help me with making special scenes for my upcoming story “Submerged Souls.”
If you would be interested. please let me know here or on my Instagram: @anie_writes_
You’d get all the credit.
Thanks in advance! :grin:


Hi sure but you’ll have to wait.
Is that ok?


Yeah, definitely!


We’ll talk through Instagram it’s easier for me :blush: