Does anyone want to be a character in my story? (LIMELIGHT)

if you want to be a character in my story, just fill out the form below and comment when DONE. (I will be choosing who will play a role in my story)


we need permission from owner to use that link

now does it work?

yes :+1:

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i would like to be a character :slight_smile: filled the form!

ill go take a look!

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greatt :slight_smile:


filling it out :kissing_smiling_eyes:

its fine! So you want to be crush (girl) then? correct?

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true true! ill put you in rn!

so what’s the name of the story?

¨Escaping Reality¨

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Cool! Is it already on epi or are you still working on it?

I am currently working on it, it should be on episode within 2-3 weeks

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Done! :slight_smile:

is it okay if i switch your name to a different name? like a name similar to Luna? Because someone already entered a name Luna…if thats okay

Yes that’s fine. :slight_smile: