Does anyone want to be featured in my story?

This question doesn’t really fit in the category but…
Im looking for a few people to be featured in my INK story.All you have to do to be in the story is say that you want to, and tell me your customization (perferably by DMming me @cr.epii). If you’re in my story I will give you a shoutout.

I would love to be in your story!:slightly_smiling_face:
My details
Lolz excuse the bad character sheet I just finished it (it’s my first time😬)


Hey dear,

Let me and my epi-bae be in it…

AngelWings details INK:

Skin tone -> Light
Brows -> Thick Round
Hair -> Ponytail Locks, Passion Fruit
Eyes -> Upturned Feline, Pine
Face -> Defined Round
Nose -> Perky
Lips -> Blossom Lips, Taupe

Shoes = Calf Boots Purple
Dress = Pastel Tie-Die Beach Day Romper
Extra = Rose-Tinted Glasses
= Pink Rocker Leather Bracelet

AngelWings Bae ‘Devil D’ INK :

Skin tone -> Taupe
Brows -> Medium Sharp
Hair -> Boy Bun, Auburn
Eyes ->Innocent Round, Blue
Face ->Chiseled Square
Nose -> Button
Lips -> Uneven, Taupe


Tattoo = Lady Rose Tattoo (Cade)
Top = Black Sleeveless Tee
Pants = Violet Faded Jeans
Shoes = Hunter Green Utility Boots

Credit: @AngelWings_1983

Personality of both characters: They are a totally couple (do everything together)… Can’t live without each other… Are the clowns of the group (and dumb as f*…) He is most of the time in denial that he loves her, but he does… And she loves him to the bottom of her heart…

If you need anything else let me know by PM or insta DM…

Love A-W

Skin Tone: Light
Face Shape: Round
Hair: Straight (Black)
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Upturned Feline (Pine)
Nose: Elven
Mouth: Classic (Scarlet)

Black Belted Sweater Dress
Small Fishnets
Calf Boots Black
Black Rising Star Earrings

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Ok thx for wanting to be in my story <3
I just need you to tell me in your name and what’s your instagram?

Thx, I already made your character. Whats your instagram tho?

I don’t have a Instagram account :grimacing:

Thats ok :slight_smile:

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Hi I’d love to be in your story. Those are my char details, my IG is @blue.hair_episode
(My DM’s are glitching for some reason sorry xd but it’s probably because it needs to be updated XD)

Thank you! {:

My name is Mousse but I do not have Instagram