Does anyone want to be in my story?

Hey everyone!

I’m revamping my story ‘I’m So Confused’ and I’ve added a new scene in to my first episode that I need a new character for. I could have just made one, but I thought why not ask on the forums? The character is going to be a blind girl that goes to therapy and get’s help from my MC.

If you would like to be in my story, please fill out this form. My story is in Classic, so put your Classic character details on the form. By the way, I will be choosing someone at random, but I would prefer it if it’s someone I kinda know on here or someone who has read my story.

Thanks :smile: hopefully someone wants to be in my story…

I added my character!!! :grin:

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Thank you :smile: I’m still waiting for some more people to submit

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Bumping this because I still need more people :sweat_smile: