Does anyone want to be the MC in my story? INK

I’m doing my story in INK, So if you want you can drop your INK features your welcome too. Or even if you want a different position (For like as a friend of the MC background character etc) just ask if a position is available if you want something different :performing_arts:

One last thing, the story is going to be fantacy, drama and thriller but of course a little bit of comedy. But it’s Manly revolving around mental health awarness. So that being said there’s probably going to be no ramance. :wilted_flower:

(I’m manly going for INK)

It’s both female and male MC :performing_arts:

  • But the female MC is a twin
    If you feel your character matches the story then drop it here!

Thanks in advanced :black_joker:


I would love to be an Ink MC :blush::


brad yessss

I’d love to be a LL MC.

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oop can I use your character details for my story? I’ll mention you in the credits section:)

Yeah that’s fine

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is she Mc or another character??

@Sydney_H can you please close this?

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Closed by OP request. :smiley: