Does anyone want to design a cover for my story

Hello i am making a story , and was wondering if anyone would make me a cover , it would really help . Thank you :slight_smile::slight_smile:

here is the information

story title - WARRIORS

author name- Erika

characters and the pose


When do you need it- as soon as possible but please don’t rush yourself

some info

I would like if the man in pink only like a bit of him shows, like in the photo I show he is walking, I would like his arm and or is leg is shown in the picture but not the body as a whole , but if you can’t do this then it’s totally fine just don’t add him

and the man with light brown hair to be trying to fight/facing the man in pink which is leaving the scene , if he the man in pink isn’t there then also don’t add him

Also I would like the woman with light brown / dirty blond hair to be looking at the ginger red man and the woman with dark brown hair to be looking at the man with dark brown hair

If there is any trouble please message me

Thank You :slight_smile::heart:


Episode harmony can

Resend the details here and can you send them in the pose you want

wow thank you , by any chance do you have any examples

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Its on the thread

we can do it

@Gabi.Stories and @Natalie_c we already doing it

She requested on episode harmony request shop

You think your the best but your not

well thank you so much if you want to do it for fun it’s totally fine and it would be even cooler if you sent it to me :wink:

I never said I was so stop

You must be 1

She saying that I think I’m the best did I even say that

I was just telling you guys that episode harmony was already doing we don’t want our art wasted but she want to go and attack me

Dont worry at all your art will not be wasted

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also I wanted to say that I sent a new background since you had some problems with the other one

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