Does anyone want to do R4R

Do you want to do 3x3

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Sure! I’ll start as soon as I can and send the ss if you can do the same :two_hearts:

Here’s our SWY entry :

:star: Title: SWY: Closer Than Two Magnets

:star: Description: When an unexpected mistake makes you ‘get tied’ with your lifelong crush, who’s none other than your best friend’s bae, what could go wrong?
#YoungAdult #Superhero

:star: Genre: Drama, Comedy, Fantasy, Romance

:star: Features included:

  • Female MC, Male LI [Male MC, female LI and choosing MC gender and LI gender will be available after the contest is over]
  • Limited CC for MC (hairstyle & hair color cannot be changed only) , Full CC for LI
  • Music & Sounds are exigent in this story
  • Advanced Directing
  • Points System
  • Story Interactivity (Choices Matter, Choose Carefully! )

:star: Cover Reveal !!!:

:star: Story Link: Read “Closer Than Two Magnets”

:star: Authors: Adiba & Nova

My ig is: @adilistic.stories

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How many chapters

Hi it already looks like we’ve done 6x6 but we can read on to the end of episode 8 if you like??

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I can do that

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Hello! I’m a new author…here’s my first story, hope you’ll like it!! (Updating every Tuesday)
I’m always up for an R4R, please DM me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Title : Some Other Life
Author : khi0ne

Description :
She read all about forbidden love stories.
But what happens when she finds her own?

Will she be able to cherish her love?

Or forbidden romances just exist in novels?

Genre : Romance
Style : Limelight
Chapters : 5 and ongoing
Link :

Let me know your thoughts about it!!!
My instagram is @ _ khi0ne _