Does anyone want to explain something to me

So I’m confused. I want to use two YouTubers as the main plot of one of my stories (Daniel Howell and Phil Lester ik I’m a nerd quit judging). However, i read the guidlines and it says that I can’t use celebrities as the main point of my story. Can i use them anyways without getting reported, taken down, or flagged?

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No, you can’t since they’re considered celebrities

but episode used demi lovato along with the (something) twins (?)

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But those stories are created by episode. They probably got permission from them to create stories about them

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Episode is in charge they featured those stories


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okay, ig that makes sense :woman_shrugging:

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The Dolan/Demi/Cameron Dallas etc… stories are actually a cooperation between the celebrities and the Episode team.

In other words, the stories are planned to increase the specific celebrities popularity.

This planned cooperation gives the celebrity the opportunity to decide what they want in the story and how they want to be portrayed.

Unless you have a direct permission from the celebrity that you want to include in your story, then you’re not allowed to include them.

This is to make sure that people will have a certain control over how themselves are being portrayed in stories as it might affect readers view on them.

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Thx everyone ig I can’t do my one story that i was going actually create

Well, maybe could you just change their names a bit? Or would that still be too close? If not, you could maybe just make up to of your own famous YouTubers who aren’t actually celebrities!


You can still do the story but use different names

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