Does anyone want to help me make my new story?

The story title is Simplicity. I need someone who is good at making outfits characters and someone to help me add more to the plot of my story.

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I can do the outfits

that would be helpful

Ok which outfits di you want to have


I help with plot and art

Um could I help with art 2

I can help with plot, art, and directing/coding

I have a class that helps with that stuff if you want

If needed with help I know some tips

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So what type of art?

Cover art

It would be appreciated

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You can help if you’d like. :slight_smile:

Ok thanks!

Awesome. I can do covers art scenes Splashes, anything for ya.

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And directing obvi

Yeah I ma with Amani so we could do what you requests

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So i need new splashes…
Turn Up The Volume
Previously On Simplicity
Strong Language and Mature Themes
Episode One - Shopping Spree
Episode Two - Un-Lovable
Episode Three - Dry Tears

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I can do some quickly if you want hem now…

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