Does anyone want to team up to make a art thread or group (1 or 2)

Hey guyss whoever is reading this

I am looking for a partner
My art skill aren’t so good but I’m okay still

If you want to team up please fill out this form

Forum Name:
How active are you?:
What’s your time zone?:
What would you like to be called:
All of your examples:
Are you nice:
Will you cause drama?:

Example how to fill the form up:

Forum Name: @Jossu
How active are you?: I have school and trainings
What’s your time zone?: Eastern European Time
What would you like to be called: Jossu
All of your examples:


Are you nice: Yes honeyy
Will you cause drama?: Nevverr

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Forum name: @Forever1201

How active are u? Almost everyday (Except Sunday only a little)

What’s my time zone?: Central standard time

What would I like to be called?: Kit Kat

My examples:

Am I nice? Yes

Will I cause drama? No

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I love your examples so you’re Accepted

And do you want to be together or someone else will join this group too if they want?

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Yhea that’s fine

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Another person can join us :blush:

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Yeah but now we have to wait…:relaxed:

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Forum Name: @Rowan2

How active are you: I’m always active except school

Time Zone: UK Time Zone

What What you like to be called: Rowan





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