Does anyone want to write a love story with me?

I really don’t know how collaborations work, so I’ll need help on that first lol.

Who wants to help me write AND FINISH a tragic love story?
(I’m useless at finishing stuff!)

Thanks! x

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Limelight, ink? Are you decent at coding cuz I have no clue how any of it works :laughing:

Do you have a plot figured out or anything? I’m an experienced coder, but not expert

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Yes, I do x
PM me?

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Still looking for someone to write with me btw

I know coding and I prefer INK so INK

Well I don’t know really anything about coding, but I’m a fast learner. I love character design, and like creating plots, and I know a lot of artists for art scenes and covers and stuff like that.

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PM me x

hey, im good with outfits and character making

I already have someone helping me, thanks though x

Do you need help still?

Not at the moment, sorry x


How do you post? I’m new on here.

Plus I need an experienced partner…

i am actually looking for someone who codes for me can u do it?

Hey Kax,
I can help you finish it. I have a very good ending plot. Just give me the details and I’m IN.

Sorry but we already have the ending planned x