Does anyone wants to help me with male cloths


My male character only uses dark cloths, but meh, everything he uses look the same, so I was looking for diversity. It doesn’t need to be dark, it just need to fit a 21 years old men who is serious. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




ink :blush:


What do you have so far? Is he a businessman?


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Oh oops, thank you for doing this, I didn’t know :sweat_smile: :blush:


He’s kind of a bad boy, but yep, he’s a business men


Okay, I’ll find something and see if you like any one them. Any color you was to stay away from?


thank you :heart_eyes: Ah, anything is good, but I think gree, brown and yellow


I just through a few things together really fast. Do you like any of these?


Sorry one is green put it together before I seen you comment😊


yesss they are amazing :heart_eyes: much more creative than I could ever be hmskbajs


oh, thats totally ok hahaha :slight_smile:


You’re welcome if you need any more help with clothes let me know I would be more then happy to help you. :blush: