Does anyone where i can get a transparent image from?

i am looking on google but nothing good :frowning:

What type of transparent image are you looking for? Like a png image so can you use it as an overlay? If so then just search png next to the thing you want like ball png or bat png

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Also instead of downloading the image directly from google, open the website then download

so i am trying to upload a text but I need a transparent image for it

There are many png convertors on the google, just use them

oh yeah i did that on many them it didn’t work but I just found a clear image to use on but thanks

so just wanna note, you should not use google at all. since google dont own any image, and most art on there is copyrighted and against the rules.

you can get into trouble if it get reported.

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im not sure exactly what you’re saying, but picsart has a transparent image template that you can upload stuff on :))

yeah the website i used is copyright free

i already found one :partying_face:

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