Does anyone write a story without social media?


There’s a lot of pressure in Instagram for me and I just want to write my story without worrying about reads and comparing myself to others. Does anyone else not use social media to promote their stories?


I was about to publish my story in an hour or two, and I was just going to use the forums


Screw social media.
Just do what you want. If people like your story, they will read it no matter what.


I don’t. I only post it on the forums a couple of times and that’s it


If you aren’t worried about reads then I don’t see any need for you to get an Instagram. :slightly_smiling_face:


I don’t use it either. I registered to Instagram once but I didn’t like it, so I deleted my account 2 days later.


I do my own advertisement so I have to do social media.


I don’t have an Instagram- this is the only social media I have. The best stories are done by people who don’t care about the reads- they just seem to write in their own world. I want to be that type of writer. I might advertise it on here if needed- or discuss it with others, but besides that, I don’t really use social media.


Then do it, do whatever you want -> The most important thing you should care about is yourself and if not having any social media is what you want then do it, you can always promote yourself in the forum anyway :slight_smile: