Does anyone Writing partner


Would anyone be interested in writing a story with me they would need to know English if English isn’t your first language I understand completely they would need to know directing like how to make a character walk to certain positions or add overlays ect I don’t really have any story plots I can think of right now but I will love to hear your ideas


I could help you. But I don’t have any social media, so you would have to send me messages here. I think I would have some ideas and I’m not bad at English.


Hi! I used episode a few years ago and i’m starting to gain an interested in it again. I wrote like 2 chapters of a story but i’ve forgotten how to script and everything. I can help with editing, testing, outfits, characters and proofreading. I cannot however be any help if you’re looking for someone to help you write (program) your book.

You can dm me on ig: @ahan.aa
Email me:
Or dm me on here!

I hope I hear from you soon!