Does CC really matter?

Okay, I’m a new author, and I’m curious if readers mind if there isn’t a cc for both the main character and Li …

I prefer not to use cc because, as any author will tell you, they prefer to imagine their own characters. That, and my annoyance at having to code it in the story.:sob: :sob:


if you dont plan to use CC I am gonna give you a few for and against to use it

also please note I never CC so I dont care I just think its importent you think well over it, but its your choice

Why you should have CC
You want to have CC
Many readers only wanna read CC stories.
people have got mean fan mail because lag of cc including myself, so if you cant handle mean messages considre it

Why you shouldnt
You dont want to have CC
Your story make up for lag of CC, because etcnicity is importent to the story. you have art scenes, costume poses and body overlays

like I said its up to you, but if the only reason is you dont want CC, is you just want your character, I honestly dont think its a good idea. to not have CC, your a new author, you need all reads you can get. episode is not kind regarding reads for new authors.

and I doubt you can do the code their is needed to do costume poses and bodyoverlays, I could be wrong though I seen first time authors do better than me who has been doing it for years.

and art scenes, well art scenes kinda suck, unleash your paying for them or can draw them yourself, I dont recomand it.


also because some have done it, do not make CC a gem choice, I dont CC but if story pulls that I aint reading it

I am also sure I read its against the rules but I cant find where the rule is.


CC doesn’t matter at all. If you don’t want to include it then don’t. I don’t care how many times readers ask for CC, if you want CC, then find a different story that have it and read it. Don’t force yourself to add it. I always vision my characters how I want them to be.


I personally as an author and reader prefer it it lets reader connect with the story but I do understand why u might not want to add it as after an episode or two u get attached/prefer one way or another the original Charecters

Not adding CC is fine though as it is ur story and going through lots more coding can be a bit annoying not gonna lie honestly though while I do prefer stories with CC I don’t mind them without it sorry for my bad gramma in this :cry:


I agree with @lanafrazer_episode. But I also wanna mention. If you don’t include CC mention the readers why you don’t include CC. The last story I am writing is a story without CC, because it’s a fantasy story with a lot of eye colors changing and overlays. So, I’d like to keep the original characters like who they are. Sorry, for the readers who don’t like it.


Don’t force yourself to add it.

:+1: Totally agree. You write for yourself and for fun (I hope). Not for anyone else. If you force yourself to include CC or to write, the fun will be gone and you will get a writers block. You are here to write for you and for the readers who like/love to read your story.


It depends, as a writer I wish I don’t have to offer a CC option lol.

But I personally prefer a story with CC in it, because I have my own imagination how the characters should look like (to be honest, I always make the same MC and LI, so they’re just like celebrities playing in different movies :joy:). So I believe others want an option to change the characters too.

If it has impact to the story, like how MC describes LI or if art scene is available, then I will tell my readers.

But you make your own story, so it’s up to you.


It depends on you, what you think and want.
It is already stated in this thread by some peoples why you should and shouldn’t have customisation options for readers. So, I won’t repeat that.

I personally don’t mind reading a story with customisation, limited customisation or even no customisation at all.

As an author, I like my characters to be just as how I envisioned them to be, matching to their specific description, for art scenes, limb overlays and custom poses, too.

Of course, there are advantages as well as disadvantages of every type of thing.

As I want my character to be how I envisioned them, described them, their appearance in art scenes, limb overlays, custom poses, etc. I offer neither full customisation nor no customisation at all. I offer limited customisation in my stories due to the reasons I stated above. Limited customisation is an neutral option for customisation.

As I stated, I offer limited customisation, I do not offer customisation for features like skin tone, hair colour, eye colour, etc. as I find them more important for my story.

Again, It’s up to you. I stated about limited customisation just so that you can explore all your options.


I personally really like CC, but it’s definitely not necessary. Only do what you want! :heart:

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Not gonna lie, I personally only read stories with CC… because I never like the original look of the MC and her LI (I have very limited and specific taste in men!)
But at the same time, although I do offer CC in my own stories, I wish I didn’t… because although a lot of my readers choose not to customise the LI’s in my stories, those few who do opt to change them often (in my opinion) absolutely murder my characters. (9 times out of 10, I hate the way they’re customised! :unamused:)

Anyway… having said what I said about personally preferring CC, I do believe that authors should be able to keep the default look of their characters and not add CC… whilst still gaining the reads that their stories deserve! But sadly… that is very VERY rarely (if ever) the case!


you don’t really have to code, use dara amarie’s guides for it.
If you really want your readers to customize.
I for one prefer CC , may be it wont match with art scenes but it doesn’t bother me much

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i agree with ur thoughts. I imagined my character as someone but i think the readers should connect as well, like give them a chance to customize it so that they can connect with the story, imagine them as tha MC…just an opinion though…

Exactly. :star_struck:

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Everyone has their own opinion whether u want to add it or not. :woman_shrugging:t4: It’s not mandatory, just opitional. If the author feels that way, then that’s their choice.


I don’t care much for CC, I mean it’s nice but I still don’t care much for it lol. I’m writing a story and there’s no CC because it’s a fantasy story and I had an idea of what I wanted my characters to look like so I made them that way and prefer no one is able to change them. But the fact that people get so bent out of shape because they can’t customize?? Smh, just go read a different story if it’s that much of a problem. :woman_facepalming: :joy:


You can have limited CC…I’m planning to add that to my story. You could keep important details like hair, skin, and eye color the same and allow them to customize hair styles and lip color.

I don’t mind, but I like to have small cc for hair and makeup when you change the character’s outfit.

When 90% of characters are the same basic european standards

Then yeah CC matters(to me) FULL CC anyways.

I rarely see a black MC unless I actively search for them.

Plus this app use to be called interactive and not feeling that these days. I miss reader inserts where YOU were MC. Stories like Path to fame. Mean girls etc


Yeah I get the part of no diversity characters. But, I hate that comes off as a factor for characters not well rounded.
For me I never wrote my name when they asked (it just felt weird) Never made them look like me, I always make the charcaters in my stories diffrent because otherwise I would feel as if they were my characters of my other story.
And when they put wayy too much liberty I don’t feel like the story is well structured enough. For me it’s really important that the charcter is well formed and sometimes even that the aparence matches the personality in a certain way, I noticed that storys with no cc felt much more natural and realistic.
For example you know when they say that dressing up as you personality makes you more attractive in a certain way? If you have a character that is super crazy and bubbly and then dresses basic and bluntly, for me it dosen’t make sense.
Plus, all that type y/n stuff makes me want to jump of a window :hear_no_evil:

(no hate)

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Makes sense

An main reason is probably cuz u have a set character. When u do full CC ppl tend to make characters blank for self insertion.(which I get but also its annoying when they have set personas tht are tht “sassy” BS) haha cant win for losing x3

When u have set characters I imagine makes easier to write as you like.
But really annoying theres a lack of diverse MAIN characters unless you LOOK for em v.v