Does customization really matter?

Let’s say you come across a story one day on the app. The cover is beautifully done and the story description catches your attention so you decide to read the first chapter. There is character diversity, amazing grammar and spelling, and the first chapter is not too long or short, leaving you wanting more. However, the MC & love interests are not able to be customized. Would that prevent you from reading forward? And if so, why?

I’m currently writing my first story, and want to keep the characters as close to how I see them as possible. Yet I am curious about how readers feel about these things. That being said, if anyone is interested in being a beta reader for the story let me know and I’ll message you when the first few chapters are ready. It is about a girl who is mistaken for a popular model that disappeared, and she is swept into the model’s life, but starts losing herself along the way which poses the question; will she completely turn into this fake version of her or will she end up staying true to herself? Thanks in advance for the input! :slight_smile:


i would love to be a beta reader and in my opinion, i don’t like to customize because i think reading and viewing the characters from the authors pos is a very* important part of a great story. especially if the looks of the characters are meaningful for the stories plot.


It’s not specifically about my story. As I said I am just curious how readers think about these things. I’ve noticed that many stories without customization do not do as well/have as many views as stories that do offer customization, so I would like to know why people don’t seem to gravitate towards these stories :slight_smile: Thank you though!

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I agree! When writers take the time to include important character details for all people in the story, I feel as if I’m betraying them by customizing lol. Yet I’ve noticed that no customization = not always as popular. It’s interesting to see!


I’ve found that I don’t like the same combination of features authors like, and this being an app in which I can make the main characters look the way I like in the majority of the stories… Well, I probably wouldn’t stick around to find out if a story is good or not.

I do, however, fully support limited customization, as it allows the reader to create a physique that they feel is beautiful, but that still works for the character and the story.

But, needless to say, in the end your story is kind of about you, not your readers, so do whatever you think is best.


Does customization really matter? No.

If you don’t include it, I’d still read it.


honestly, i don’t like CC. i’m not a creative person, i can’t design new characters for every story and dislike i inserting myself.

i love when a character is Limited CC since often when this happens, it’s because the character has a specific ethnic background and their background plays parts in the story.

so in conclusion, if your story fits the description you created, i would absolutely read it without blinking at whether i can CC.

the only thing is my opinion isn’t extreme popular. most people view CC as a right of theirs instead of as a freedom granted to them by the author.


Sometimes, if there is CC, it may get annoying. This happens if the story has, like, ten characters to customize. I don’t even bother, tbh. :confused:

I don’t find CC all that important. If you have it great and if you don’t, that’s fine too. Honestly, I’d prefer seeing the author’s vision of the character. I also don’t always feel like thinking of character characteristics and names.


CC isn’t important if you want to develop your character plot and show how they were and how they are…
Sometimes for me it gets very annoying…

For me it would matter if what I see I don’t like! Because you want to put your self in what you read and fantasize!!its like you read a book and fantasize the characters as you like!

I’d say no. But I would also like to add that good directing is important. :blush:

I have thought about this subject myself, as I do not offer customization in my story. There is a thought behind the characters looks and I want the reader to see them the same way I see them.

However, I offer the reader some small customization further into the story, such as hairstyle (a few options I’ve selected, but not hair color!) and lip color. :wink:

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If the story is good it wouldn’t prevent me from reading but i always like to do it for fun. You could also when the character is going somewhere let the readers choose their hair & make-up. :grin:

This comment is so on point! I don’t offer customization in my story, except for in a few chapters where the reader gets to choose the MC’s hairstyle and lip color. My MC is not a reader insert, so she’s designed to look the way I pictured her.

By the way, I love your username because the MC in my story’s name is Mia Martinez. :slight_smile:

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Omg, I’m so sorry for my late response! I haven’t been online at the forums for a while.

Hahaha really? :grin: What a coincidence, I love it! What’s your story called?

CC isn’t really important but if you make the story about the reader EX: “You find a cave on your way to an island. Will you go in or stay way?” Then readers will expect full CC.

I’m still not sure if I should use CC for my own story but regardless the MC’s step brother will be Japenese.

It’s called Diary of a Middle School Teacher. Here’s the link:

Everyone is sick of it now because of the overuse of it, Remember when everyone loved it when it was first released?

It’s not obligatory to use, so go ahead and scrap that idea to keep originality of the story.

Nope! Not at all.

I was reading one good story last night and I went to leave a fanmail then I read a comment from someone saying that she really want to read it but she can’t because there’s no CC. A bit shocking :no_mouth:

Ok, I get it some people might not like the look, but not every story is about YOU. Not every character has to look perfect. Not every guy needs to be hot. :roll_eyes:

Honestly, CC is starting to go out of style I started reading some of the popular stories on episode and many of them either don’t have CC.