Does episode approve of covers on weekends?


I submitted my cover Thursday night and it hasn’t been approved yet however, I understand that Episode may be occupied with reviewing a bunch of other covers and tickets. But, I just wanted to ask for myself since I’ve seen that it take from 24 to 48 hours to a couple of days to even some months… So, how long does it typically take you guys?


2 weeks or 2 days, it varies.


Update: I just got my small cover approved for my story so it took around 5 days to get approved. I’m excited to publish my first story once the large cover that I sent in gets approved. :smile:


My covers usually take 3-4 days to review. :slight_smile:


Actually, it depends. Episode has to check your backgrounds very thoroughly if you used images from google and put them together, etc. They check. So it takes more time, in my opinion of you have that type of background, and sometimes episode might miss some images, (since they have to make sure if it’s allowed for commercial use) like if you cropped them or cut them in a sort of way. So since they have to check almost every image on your background, it takes longer than some overlay, or a episode background with some bread(IDK).
Hope this helps!