Does episode automatically rember hair and make up choices?

So I know that you need to rember the outfit choice, but is it the same for the characters hair and make up? Does any one know!? If yes, plz tell me how to rember it in my script and if not plz tell me so I can move on and go back to writing lol…

well yes and no once u change she’ll have it on forever until u change it, but if. you change into something else and u want that same outfit use if/elif/else hope that makes sense :heart:

Sooo… Hair and makr up choices save even when scenes change unlike clothes choices?


Omg TYSM U SAVED ME 5 HOURS OF MAKING IF THEN THINGIES TO REMBER THIER CHOICE!! Does it rember from one episode to another? Or just scenes?

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yeah mhm u know the customization It keeps your hair, but if you change it it’ll keep that hair style

Okie ty!

Well, the script won’t remember the choice. If you’re looking to do that, you could make duplicate characters to save you all the coding… Here is a thread that teaches you how to create duplicate characters

no she’s asking about the hair… not the script

@Sydney_H do ur thing!

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No, I know, but the script still will not remember the choice unless you use the gains. If you keep it the same throughout the whole story however, it will stay the same, but otherwise, if you change it and try to change the hair and make-up back to the original look, you would have to use gains

It is done. :sunglasses: