Does episode feature ink stories?

Does episode still feature ink stories? It seems like they encourage LL, but I’m honestly not sure
(feature as in put on shelves or other forms of promotion)


They do sometimes, but there aren’t many new ink stories. There was an ink story featured on the Disabled Voices shelf last month.


They r supposed to. Honestly, there r a lot of new and amazing ink stories out there which really deserve recognition as well as spots in many of those featured shelfs. However, episode rarely promotes ink stories :frowning:


that’s cool, at least they aren’t trying to pretend ink didn’t happen

yea, I feel like they’re holding back so people are more encouraged to make LL stories
I rly liked ink when it was popular on the app, so it sucks there are stories being made in ink that have less of a chance


Exactly! I feel that episode just abandoned their previous styles. I am not saying that they need to give ink a big update but promoting stories which deserves recognition is highly needed!

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