Does episode reject copyrighted images?

I used to think that episode just accepted everything that was appropriate and that it was your responsibility to make sure it wasn’t copyrighted but recently I heard that Episode rejects copyrighted images. Is this true?

I think they only rejected copyrighted images that are obviously copyrighted like a logo or something.

I think I uploaded a couple copyright images before and they got accepted

sometimes, remember evrything you put on the internet that you draw yourself is actually copyrighted. you dont have to do anything to copyright something.

so episode cant always keep up, with what is and isn’t, its hard to know what is and what isn’t copyrighted, and more important what is allowed to be use, a lot of people just go on Pinterest and find art, which is usually copyrighted, I seen a kit if stirues have that

example I do drawn covers for people here on episode, but I also uploaded those to my devianart, then they are actually copyrighted because I made them and uploaded them, but the person I made it for is still allowed to use it,



so even though we’re not claiming the work as our own but using it on a public platform, it it classified as copyright …? also how are we to know what we can use on devianart, artstation, etc? we can only use works clearly say they’re free to use? sorry to bother you with the questions :sweat_smile:

Yes, you cant use stuff from devianart Google Pinterest and such, same Way you cant use people pictures from Facebook, it belong to someone, episode has a rule against using copyright matiriel, tracing or even directly copying art is almost the same as just use the original it still break copyright law, using reference is fine evryone does that, but copying is not a reference,

The same goes for story plagarism,

Lets say you like Twilight, then writhing Twilight on episode is plagarism, makeing a story called vampire life with a mane charatere called Becca falling for edmond who is a sparkling vampire, is stil plagarism

Fifthy shades of Grey is a reference of twilight, it was inspirere but it has its own spin,

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ah i see, thank you very much for your help! that clarifies a lot! certainly getting the hang of it now :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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