Does every scene has to have bg characters?

The title explains everything :blob_hearts:

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To put it briefly, yes (in my own opinion.). If you were walking down the street, you wouldn’t be alone.


About for a school scene?

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Well, it depends on the time of day. If it were lunch time, most people would be in the cafeteria, or outside. If it were morning, it would be crowded, because class would be starting soon and hasn’t started yet.


what about after lunch?

No not every scene just ones in public.

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so like school?

Depends on the scene, and if you’re just starting, I would not overwhelm myself with background characters. Focus on your story.

Or, you could make a school scene with background characters and use the same one every time you have your characters in the school hall. That can be helpful so you don’t have to code it every single time.


Yes as I have said before School would count as in public


Personally I would say any public scenes would need bg characters, unless it’s like midnight in a small town story of thing (that may be a little confusing :joy:)
I would also say if it’s in a house then don’t add bg characters as they would look odd

Hope this helped x



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Closed by OP request. :smiley: