Does It Count As A Gem Choice if the Reader Doesn’t See Gem Choices?

Does anyone know? I’m curious. :woman_shrugging:t2:

Yes, I’ve heard that the author gets credit for a gem choice even if the reader can’t see it.

:woman_shrugging: Seems ridiculous to me. But if Episode wants to keep giving writers free money, I won’t be the one to tell them not to.


Can I ask why you think it’s ridiculous?

I can’t speak for Scarlet, but it seems silly to me that they rolled out gem choices with (I imagine) the goal of making more revenue (and in turn- part of this would go back to the writers in payments and enable more writers to get into the program) when literally only 15% of readers can actually see gem choices and for most people, these look like normal choices.


^ Yeah that lol. They’re paying the writers who use gem choices to enter the program, but lose 85% of the potential revenue that the readers allegedly pay, since the gem program was is still in beta. :joy:

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I am not able to view gem choices in user stories so they are all free for me. My friend published her story and it has gem choices in it. Right before she announced the publishing, I ghost-read the first chapter as the the very first reader to see if the gem choice counts. I played and selected the gem choice. It didn’t deduct any gems so she didn’t gem a “gem choice selected” but she got a “gem chapter read”.

So the gem choice doesn’t count but the author still gets a gem chapter read.