Does it upset you when new authors say, "I'm sorry this episode was so short, but (insert excuse here)

  • Yes!
  • No.

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I’ve read sooooo many episode stories where the author says, "I’m sorry this episode is short (I remember reading a story that only took me about 20 seconds to read an episode) but I’m new and I promise the chapters will get longer. I feel like that’s an excuse tbh and it’s a waste of time for the readers. Some new authors literally just write 50 lines and skip all the other lines until they reach 400 lines which is extremely irritating. Anyways, if you want to explain why it does/doesn’t upset you pls feel free to do so.


So to answer my own question it definitely upsets/ irritates me. Because if you haven’t learned the basics of Episode and you just want to finally publish a story with a maximum of 100 lines (which is possible if you skip lines) then you shouldn’t write a story! :roll_eyes:


Lmao I can totally relate @brvnda :smile:


People even publish with 2 episode now.


It is really annoying because, like OMG we know it was short but it’s their choice I guess.


Exactly! I’ve seen stories that say “READ ONLY EPISODE ONE! 2&3 NOT READY” and the first episode is so short.


Yes, so annoying. There was one story I read when the narrator spoke about ten lines, and the characters did nothing but ran around, then all of a sudden there was a black screen that said “End of story.” :woman_facepalming:t5:


Same to be honest, I thought I was a lazy fuck for writing like 10 min episodes, but then I see things like that


For real though. :joy::joy::joy:


I write short episodes though. Not many people wanna spend 30 minutes reading. I on’t write short episodes because I am lazy it’s just when I plan it before on docs it looks longer but then I write it on portal and they are so short im like HOW!!!


Oh, @gabriella I know what you mean and ten mintute episode are just fine


I like stories that are 10-15 minutes long, I literally time myself when I’m reading my story to see if my story fits the 10-15 time mark LOL. So far my episode 3 is 10 minutes so I know Im safe


Lol mine are about 8-10 but I do get a LOT of stuff in one episode. i mean i wrote a lot on docs and it only came out to be 600 lines




Well, you don’t know at to the author is going through. It helps at least that the author knows the episode is short and tried their best.


I’m in the process of writing my own story still writing the first chapter, not finished it yet as I have a child to look after, I can 100% understand some people who write short chapters as it’s very time consuming. Just remember these stories are wrote for there hobby as they enjoy sharing there stories with episode readers.


I understand that we don’t know what the author might be going through, however, as I stated above, if an author isn’t ready to put 100% effort into their work then they should wait it out until they are fully ready to publish their work.




Maybe they just write stories to pass the time just like playing candy crush to be honest, I’ve been thinking of writing my story for over a year finally started doing it today taken me about 4 hours (on and off) it does also help when you know what your writing, also no offence when they get comments about the lengthy of chapters that’s gunna bring them down and make them lose the motivation into continuing the stories


Yeah, i totally get what you’re saying. Thank you for giving me a different insight on this topic!