Does my cover art look ok?!

i’ve been making this for at least a week and i’m not expert so i’m not sure if it looks ok , also sorry for the massive watermark i just really don’t want it stolen hehe. but does this look ok?

(btw he has fangs and she has a bite mark in her neck you just can’t see her bite mark cos the watermark is covering it)




I think that it looks great! Although, I think that some quick shading would do it wonders. :heart::sparkling_heart:


Omg its so amazing

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The eyes should look more to the other person in the drawing, now it looks like they’re both looking to the sides. (Like it should be a little more in perspective)
And shading could do wonders (as said above)
Like the arm of the girl, make a little bit of a sleeve, you can’t really see where her arm/hand is coming from.

Also maybe a little bit of texture on the hair:) (could be done with shading)

It looks really good though<3

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thanks youu :heart:

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I think it looks cute! Did you draw it yourself, because there’s a lot of potential here–I love the height difference too :pleading_face:

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Tysm!! yes i did draw it myself :heart:

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BTW I just wanna say, their eyes are gorgeous :heart_eyes: I wish I could color irises like you can :upside_down_face: