Does my cover look appalling to you? BE HONEST


Hii,this is the cover for my new story
Would you click on the story with this cover?

(If you can make better cover,send a message
(Credits @Episode-Gold)



You’re cover is amazing, I would differently read the story :heart_eyes:


I would! It looks like there’s going to big a plot involved and not just a fluffy episode that doesn’t get to the point xD


ya i would read it but personally for me i always read the about to see if its worth it


I always read description too,but first thing that I see is cover so.if the cover is nice I will read the description and then if I like it I’ll read the story. :smile:




Quick Question : Do you read description for separate chapters or no?


no, i just read the main description and just judge the first chapter to see if i want to read more of it


That’s an amazing cover, wow. :heart:


That cover is amazing! :heart:️ Definately would read a story with that cover.