Does my MC look alright? (would you play as this mc?)

So I am wondering if you would play as her? I’m not using CC because of art scenes and because I don’t want to, but would you play as her? (shes supposed to have a bad ass vibe to her) Shes mixed (Half black half white) and shes sarcastic, and shes supposed to be very pretty but this is very opinionated so I need some more opinions as I dont want to put out a story that no one will read cuz they think the mc looks ugly

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Would you play as her?

  • Yes
  • No

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She is beautiful, so don’t worry. I bet on covers she’s gonna look like a bomb :smile_cat:

Tysmmmm! I’m so touched rn

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I would say no. I have seen so many characters look like that in stories, I would prefer something more unique and different.

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And she doesn’t look mixed in my opinion. She just look like a white girl with tan skin. Maybe I could help with the looks to make her seem black and white?

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Thats what im aiming for, everyone uses that mc so that must mean people like it. Im more of a cliche type of person honestly lmaoo

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Im mixed in real life and ive based her off me-

Not all mixed are exactly mixed im more white then I am black.

You could have atleast given her kinky hair? Maybe brown eyes too? It’ll make it come off as she is.

Shes supposed to look like me, and I appreciate the feedback, but all I asked for was a no or yes. Shes mixed and it will clarify that now- I dont want her to have her mothers hair, she picked up off her dads side. i just wanted a yes or no but thanks for the feedback.

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Ooops! Sorry! I just got caught up in the moment. :sweat_smile: You’re welcome I guess.

Sorry its just I got triggered cuz your kinda stereotyping black people.

Uh, I don’t see how but I get it I guess…Sorry.

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Thanks for understanding. I just dont agree that to be mixed you have to look black- I have blue eyes and lighter skin but I have a black mom

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I never said that.

Yeah well saying kinky hair and brown eyes are more details of a black person- I am so sorry for getting so triggered it’s just with me being mixed people always assume I’m either black or white and sometimes even hispanic.

I said give her those features to make her resemble more as if she is mixed with black, not that all black people have those features.

Alright, well long story short shes black and white and thanks for the feedback.

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Alright thanks for the feedback