Does my story sound like something you'd be interested in?

Hellooo. I’m going to make it short and simple…

My story is three main characters… Luna… Lucas and Auti.

Luna and Auti had been best friends since they were young. But now theyre grown up and are headed to college. So they buy an apartment to be roomies with but then when the walk in the wrong room thats how the met Lucas.

We don’t know much about Auti. But her and Luna have a… special relationship.

Lucas and Luna start having a relationship that’s bigger than just friends. But once they start getting close Luna figures something out about herself through Auti…

Auti knew Luna is the daughter of a God… Which one not sure yet. But all Luna knows is that she’s not safe… from herself

This scares off Lucas…

Auti’s pplan had failed because she tried to reunite the three of them for safety by “accidentally” choosing the wrong apartnment room. She knew all along what Luna and Lucas’ future held. But she knew she was too late…

Auti can no longer save Luna and all you see in the end in Lunas face and hear the crackling… ticking… creaking of the door that the actual villian all along…

The cool thing is at the end I’m having the vilian be snuck into the story through out the episodes but you never talk to him. And at the end right before the screen blacks out you see everytime the villian was in the story so my readers feels the defeat in being able to save your character… But was it destined all along?

Whatcha think? Does this sound like something youd read?


Sounds interesting!!

Yeah, definitely!! I really like it. It’s interesting x

Thank you !!!

Not going to lie, I would not read it

thanks for your opinion :slight_smile: do you possibly have any suggestions to help it out?

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