Does my title match the description?

Hi, i’m Laticia and i’m currently writing a story but I don’t think the title matches the description it only matches that the male MC lives next door my female MC

title: The boy next door
Description: After the murder of Angelica’s pregnant mom, her whole world shatters into pieces and her best friend takes advantage of that. Will she ever love and trust someone again?

(I’m changing a little of my description)

In my opinion, the title doesn’t really match with the description. Maybe you could change the title to
“Trust No One”…? It’s only a suggestion. (A horrible one because I’m terrible at titles names and such.)


i agree.

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Like girls said…
I think that some of these would fit more, they are only suggestions though. You don’t have to choose any of them, I add them only for inspiration…

  • Broken Trust
  • Falling Apart
  • Fragile Angel (Angelica = angelic :sweat_smile:)
  • Learning to love again
  • The Suffering of Angelica
  • How to heal an angel

I love the title broken trust :clap::astonished:


I’ll happily give some description ideas:

A broken heart, the murder of her mum, is enough to keep Angelica from trusting others. But what happens when a new boy moves next door…?

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It’s more like Angelica moves away because of a family problem and she moves next to the male MC (but you didn’t know this of course)

No, not really…

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I like ur puns XD


I like how it sounds :sweat_smile:

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Thanks :joy:

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Sorry for reacting late I really love you’re ideas and i think i will use one, thanks for your suggestions :kissing_heart: :revolving_hearts: :pray:t2:

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