Does R4R really helps to gain reader

I’ve seen author’s doing R4R to gain readers. Personally I really don’t think it helps much. But many people told me that it actually works. If you guys have done R4R can you share your experience? Does R4R really works to gain readers?

Please tell me your opinions!!

I recommend to read over this thread:

R4R will always guarantee you reads as long as you aren’t ghosted so yes you will go up in terms of read count. However in terms of genuine readers who will continue reading your story, that might be a bit rare. It could happen where you come across a few people who stick with your story but might not be the vast majority. It’s a good short term booster rather than a long term one, in my opinion. I’d say, if you have a published story, try it out and see how it goes and see if it’s for you :woman_shrugging:

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