Does she look asian

Malaysian if country matters.

edit updated look. is this better

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Is she an Indonesian? Cuz Im Asian :slight_smile:

no malaysian. though to be honest country dont really matter.

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Xd ok.I prefer to remove her glasses.Not trying to rude but if u want to u can :blush:

she cant see with out glasses.

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Oh ok

I think she kinda looks but maybe change the eyes?

any suggestions to which

I don’t really remember how they’re called but they are smaller and have some wrinkles around them or the ones with the big lashes

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Hi! I’m a Malaysian and i dont really think she looks it. Most people here have neutral to gold skin shade, not too fair and not too dark, but if you’re referring to asian as in China and Korea, well i think she does looks like it :smiley:


I think she would look more Malaysian if she looked like this, that’s just my opinion though :smile:


Maybe its just me but I fell like it makes her look more white.

but to be fair I never been good at seen difference between asian and european on cartoon charaters

i’m south korean, & she looks a bit more japanese/korean to me if i have to be honest. malaysians tend to have a bit more tanner skin than northeast asians.


I think that looks great!

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Lmao actually that skin tone looks more Malaysian


Just want to point out that being specific about the country does matter because Asian can be anything from Indian, Japanese to Filipino which all look different from one another :slight_smile:

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I know. I just meant it has no meaning to the story which country she is from.

Fair enough, my bad :hugs:

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