Does somebody knows what animation is this?

oh and btw the story is Attracted by the Nerd by Brady

The end of flirt_fingersnap

it’s not, the flirt_fingersnap animation ends up with a smirk.

i’ve already tested it :confused:

Maybe after the shush animation?

nope… :confused: this animation isn’t flirt_fingersnap nor shush bc i’ve already seen this on other stories and it ends with the eyebrow straightened

Okay, now I’m confused, give me a couple minutes I’ll try and figure it out!

okay, thanks!

Okay, try the cough animation.

nope :frowning:
the character eyes become wide too…

Any of these?

Maybe it’s the end of the kiss_cheek_give animation?

Here’s the end of the kiss cheek give animation

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Oh okay, thanks lol you’re really helpful :joy:

Haha :joy: thanks, I try to be as helpful as I can​:joy: