Does someone has a car seats bg that I can use?

Credit will be given!!

Any specific color or no?

its for a taxi that my MC is gonna take at night so idk what color

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I found some on

first one


Creator: @starx.bgs

second one

Creator: @starx.bgs

last one

Creator: @yulya.episode

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can you try and find some other I already try this one and they dont look right


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Hey, sorry I’m not able to find some that will fit what you’re asking for. Maybe someone has a drive, or they know some that may fit. I can’t find any, but if I do I will tell you (that’s if you still need them by then) :laughing:

thank you I’ll try to look for some

There’s one in the portal library (check under overlays) also @/amepisode and @/natalia.episode on Instagram have them

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