Does Someone Has a Spaceship Backgrounds with Hologram Screen?!?!?!

Does anyone have a background like this?
Here’s an example:


@fcukforcookies has some. You would have to add your own face on it. Here is her drive form. You have to ask for access.


If you can find a background I can put the opcaity down on it so it is see through. if you want. i just learn how



Here is the background:

There is a logo.

is it royalty free?

I got it from someone drive…and that’s what they said


Is it not royalty free?

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Only website I found it is a side like pinterest. aka not royalty free. that version also does not have a logo

Wow… Thanks, I’ll find a different background :+1:t5:

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it belongs to insomniac a video game company. I hate when people say something is royalty free and it isnt (not your fault I know it was the one who put it in th drive)

Yea! And they lie right to you, but I should made sure so I wouldn’t be in this situation

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what do you think of this one its royalty free. I found it on pixabay

It’s perfect!

there is more than one version

Will I still be able to but a characterbehind the hologram?

yeah I just have to edit it first

here is a the background. in right size

and the overlay.

Thank you!:heart:

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