Does someone has a this for me?

A birthday background and big cake overlay like this?

thank you


not the same but maybe you can find something here

they are not for free it is the first one i need but with candels x

you have 2 free downloads a day on that website

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I belive they’re free but if not then

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the cake i have now i need a background to go with it x

anything you have in mind for the background? like do you want the same thing like you had on the picture from the story or do you just want a colored wall? or do you want something outside?

the same as the picture from the story I have the cake but it is not an overlay:-(

I can turn the cake into an overlay for you

This is just a rough sketch. I realised I didn’t do the same colours. I hope that’s not a problem.

Happy Birthday Background without Gradient

Happy Birthday Background with Gradient

Depending where you place your overlay is how high up the gradient needs to be.

oh great here it is x


The gradient is too dark, so I can change that if you want.

I like with but it has to have the measures of a background for the writher portal x



It’s 1136x640…

thank you DM me please x

And does someon have an empty table the size of one zone, please x