Does someone know what story I'm talking about?

I kinda unfavorited one a story I really liked but don’t remember the name and now I can’t find it. So I was reading this story it’s about mafias so this girl falls for New Yorks most feared man “psycho” which she starts calling “psy”. Her mom is dead and turns out her dad is the Mexican mafia boss which has a worker named Alejandro that wanted to take over and is helping the girls father brother take her father down. Blah blah blah both brothers have a fight . Meanwhile the worker is with the daughter and psy and he is jealous of the couple and that he doesn’t have a chance with the daughter shoots psycho and vise-versa. Alejandro dies and psy enters a coma. That is the last I remember, if anyone has an idea of what it is called anything is really helpful. Thank you and Have a nice day :heart:

P.S : sorry if I don’t make sense