Does spot directing really matter in a contest entry?

is it true?

I would say it does. Especially if someone wants to win Best Directing award :smiley:


Yes, it does.

yeah it does. the good stories are them there win. i read really good stories there did not win. so a bad directed story wont have a chance

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and less spot directing, like putting them only where needed?

It’s not that you have to use spot directing in every scene but for a contest winner everyone expect to see amazingly directed stories.

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I’d say nowadays, it does matter. The contest winners seem to always be getting more and more advanced with each contest that goes by now


First you have to have enough readers… if you do tzhe story is manually evaluated in several categories and one of them is directiong.thay giv I believe 4 point max and you have to have in all categories minimally 3 points to getv through this evaluation …and from the stories who fulfill this are the vwiner chosen…

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here is the evaluation method

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Agreed. People are out here adding new codes that Episode released, like the tappable overlays, etc. Directing for contests are getting really advanced, and people are coming out with some super creative stuff.


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