Does the author Miss Mj seem a bit rude to you?


I was looking through some of her comments today and people were giving constructive criticism to her newest chapters of her story. Half of them was simple opinions but she responded to them in a very rude way. I like her stories alot but sometimes she seems rude when she responds to some of her readers. Maybe it’s just me…


What’s her story called?


It’s just an illusion regrets.
She made the chain reaction series too


I used to think that (based on one or two replies that I saw from her), but then I read through her comments. If I had to deal with some of the comments/questions she gets on a daily basis, I’d probably end up sounding rude too.
It’s probably at the point where she just assumes that even the innocent-sounding questions are actually meant in a different way. Some of the comments she gets are pretty bad…


I never thought about that. Yea, your right ! Maybe im just to sensitive :sweat_smile:


Oh her? Like @EliseC said, her fans send in pretty rude fan mail. Every author gets it. If I had a story and got crappy fan mail, I’d be pretty sarcastic and annoyed too.


True !


She’s obviously very popular and with popularity on Episode comes negative fanmail/comments and also entitled readers who think they can tell you what to write and demand updates. It always cracks me up how many people I’ll see whining that she needs to update more in her comments when she updates several episodes a week? :sweat_smile:
She’s actually very interactive with her fans- she seems to reply to most questions. I do see what you’re saying, but I think that’s just her being fed up with being repeatedly asked the same things or having people tell her that they don’t like certain things (not constructively- they’ll just tell her that they hate so-and-so or that she should “do this instead” or that one of her characters is ugly aha).


I guesss thats one thing i like about her, she does respond to her readers when other big authors sometimes don’t, but i understand what you’re saying . Thank you !


@EliseC and @livvy613 Thank you both for your opinions! @Sydney_H Can you close this thread please? Thank you !



Topic closed by OP request. :smiley: