Does the forums now have a proper app?

I was just on episode forums to ask a question but before I could i noticed a button at the top of my screen

It was a cross in the circle next to the star!

I click it and it said do you want to install the app?

Not sure if this is just for chromebooks tho

@liz any ideas


I noticed that too. It’s on windows as well. I’m assuming it’s the Discoursehub app.


It feels weird without the other tabs and bookmarks at the top

I’ll @ you in the topic about the app, and how to get it.

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Thank you I know about the app thing on phone this is on pc


It works. Basicly is a chrome special page

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it does. i downloaded it too but it was weird.

I noticed that as well on my chrome browser. I can’t be only for Chromebooks because it showed up on my laptop. (Lenovo T440, using Chrome browser)