Does This Art Look Good? Part One:


I created this today, it’s for my future story:

Comment below your opinions!

  • Dasha

Does This Art Look Good? Part Two:
Does This Art Look Good? Part Three:

Omg!!! Dasha that’s awesome


yAY, thx!


I would reccommend putting the character as an overlay next time, (or at least that’s what I like doing) when it comes to special art scenes. :heart:


Hm, okie dokie! :smile:


Otherwise, is it good?


Yes! I LOVE her hair!


Hehehe, yes, she loves dying a section of her hair purple…


Omg, D !!! It’s awesome!!!


Thx!!! :smile:


It looks really good! The saturation of the purple kinda hurts my eyes, though.


Lmao, sry! :joy:


The purple is a bit neon-ish, try to make it seem more realistic (darker), other than that, it looks good.