Does this Episode art look good?


Does this look good?

Let me know by liking or commenting!

  • Dasha


It looks good, but the mouths are a little funny.
I liked the sassy eyes of the first picture you showed.


@Cricket_Master Lol, I hoped that the mouths would represent smirks…:joy:
I really worked hard on the eyes, I apppreciate that you liked ‘em!


Maybe add some lines by the mouth so it doesn’t look flat?


Moved to Resources! :v:t2:


It looks a bit scary… :thinking:


I dont want to offend you but it looks a bit creepy: the eyes and the mouths. Although I do like the purple streaks in the right girls hair. :slight_smile:


Lol, I kinda did want it to look bold, maybe a bit scary…I hope it isn’t too scary though. :confounded:


It’s okay, every opinion counts! And thx for liking the hair!


I think it looks great! I’ll admit, the eyes do look a little bit creepy, but the purple streaks and the nose ring look amazing!


Thanks! :smiley:


At first glance, I honestly thought that the girls had their hands in eachother’s pockets…
Optical illusions :sweat_smile:


Omg, I just realized the same thing too! :joy:


@dasha_author AWESOME!


It looks good!


It looks good, the eyes need more work, otherwise, not bad.


Okie dokie.




Thanks! :slightly_smiling_face:


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