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So you’re working on a story. There’s multiple branches and it’s all kinda complex. You gotta code different stuff for all four of them, and there’s a lot going on in each of them except maybe one. You play through it to check it after going through and getting rid of any weird things going on, and it’s all nice and smooth and reading well and you didn’t have to go this route. And the other routes are running just as nice and smooth like…like real conversations kinda. Oof…

What have you guys done as writers that’s made you very proud to view over?


LOL. I always have to change something. I think it happened to me like… once.

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Ooh! This is a cool thread~
I feel very proud when I make a new concept or animation look nice. Especially when it’s something that’s customized; something only I know how to do in my own way. Like with the timed choices or the customized spotlight style. Feels like I’m really contributing in some cool way :blush:


I had the courage to sit down 3 hours and direct my first chapter.


The flashbacks I wrote for my story - those were fun to direct and I was pretty happy with how they turned out.


Cool! I checked out the timed choice thing. That looks very interesting!

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Practice makes perfect! Keep at it and I hope it happens more often!

Did you have fun? What’s the premise?

What did you like most about it? Did you use a unique transition or hsl set?

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Sorry but what is a premise? And yes I had fun :grin:

What’s the story idea? What’s it inspired from? What are the themes?

(No worries) ^^ <3

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The story revolves around the life of a bunch of students who are dealing with racism, homophobia and sexism…
I had the idea since I was like 11 or 12, at that time I already played Episode and any story that I read didn’t have a black MC or an Asian or a Muslim MC… so I decided to start writing my own with a lot of diversity and it’s only recently that I was able to really write because I forgot my email :persevere:


Oh no! Well, I’m glad you finally got started! <3

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So I write in the comedy genre and I sometimes worry that like an episodes not funny, so when I go back and test all the branches and crap, if I find myself laughing then it’s a proud moment… (and I literally always start laughing at my own writing)

Also, when I start to code a massive scene where there’s either like a lot of background characters or where I’m trying to make it look like something’s happening that there’s no actual animations for (like doing handstands).

At the moment I’ve decided I want to make a scene with an elevator at the shops and turn it into like some kind of mini game where you can change what floor of the shop you’re on and so I’ve spent the past two days creating a whole new background and overlays and placing them in the scene and moving them to the right layers, etc. There’s 12 overlays in it at the moment. So testing that scene makes me feel proud.

This was a nice idea for a thread


That sounds wonderful! It’s always great when we can laugh.

And yes, complicated scenes completed! Doesn’t it just feel so wonderful to look over your complicated creation and see little to no real errors? <3

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I always feel proud of myself when the dialogue I write flows smoothly and turns out even better than I had planned.
Or when I make complicated spot directing look realistic, like in my most recent chapter, there’s a scene where the kids are at a water park. There’s no animation for sliding down a waterslide, so I had some characters in the background do a dancing animation while they slid down. It looks pretty awesome.


I love it when I see in stories how writers find a creative way to depict something happening when the literal animation for that particular action doesn’t exist. I’m glad that worked for you!

Successfully using advanced directing for “Rest in Payback”. I nearly cried when I saw how amazing the first chapter turned out! The story is also in Limelight!


Ahaha mainly the strategic zooming and hsl set as I concealed an identity lol

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I can relate so much to the “the laughing at my own writing” part. I know this is weird but I’m proud when I am able to amuse myself :smiley:


Laughing at your own jokes is the best! And I also love it when readers tell me I was able to make them laugh and tell me exactly which joke or moment they laughed at, it’s amazing.

Actually, it’s always feels great to read any good feedback from your readers, but my favorite kind of feedback is the ones where they talk about specific scenes and how it made them feel. If a reader tells me that they cried after what happened to a character they really connected with or that they laughed out loud at a certain situation I was able to create, I get so happy. To know that we’re able to write something that makes people feel a strong emotion (in a positive way, even if it’s sadness or anger) and think about certain things they had never thought about before… it’s one of the greatest feelings in the world.


Wrote a chapter, read it later and decided that I still liked it and decided that I wouldn’t torture myself and delete it